Think Different about Windows on your Mac (or off)

Speakers: Rob Roy

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Bootcamp has been available for years as an option for Windows on your Macs. Find out how to make your Windows install more universal to deploy to a variety of Mac hardware. Or, if the opportunity presents itself, how to run your Windows on remote HP Workstation class machines and control it directly from your Mac.

Description: In this session we will look at ways to run Windows with Macs more effectively. Typically, running a variety of Mac lab machines isn’t a problem for macOS deployment, as a single OS install can run on several machines without issue. However, it may be common for lab admins to create bespoke Windows images for each hardware type. Find out how we are leveraging VMWare to create a generic Windows install to deploy to multiple Mac machine types.
Alternatively, to accommodate the need for high end Windows 3D and graphics intensive applications such as Rhino, Autocad & Solidworks, we have built a farm of HP Workstation class machines with high end graphics cards that we can remotely control with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS). This allows any Mac to control a high end graphics powerhouse and see the performance locally.
We will wrap up the session by looking at some home grown software solutions to help with dual booting and deployment in general.

About the speaker

Rob Roy – Mr – Sheridan College

Rob has been a Mac admin since beginning his career at Sheridan College in 2000, although you could add a few more years as a power user prior to that. While at Sheridan, he helped develop some software to automate system imaging, and spoke at Macworld in 2006 on the topic. In 2008, he left Sheridan to join Apple Canada as a Systems Engineer covering the Higher Education marketplace in Ontario. At Apple, he specialized in Systems Imaging, and FCPX, and was on the team recording and publishing the sessions at WWDC from 2011 – 2015. In the spring of 2017 he returned to the Sheridan Mactech team to jump back in to maintaining Macs in lab environments.

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