Getting MicroMDM working, and working with MicroMDM

Speakers: Jesse Peterson

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: In this talk we’ll be getting a solid handle on setting MicroMDM up in a production environment while covering various configuration scenarios. We’ll also work with the API to drive some custom behavior. The focus here is a solid background on what it takes to get MicroMDM up and going so you, too, can deploy it with ease.

Description: Maybe you saw last year’s presentation of MicroMDM and wanted to dig in but didn’t quite know where to start, or wanted a more in-depth setup tutorial. Or maybe you want to integrate with MicroMDM by using its API to do get some useful and custom MDM behavior. If so this talk is for you. We’ll be walking through a typical setup of a MicroMDM instance from scratch including touching on getting MDM certificates, setting up the service, getting ready to enroll devices, etc. After we have MicroMDM running lets work with it to have it send some commands to devices and work with the responses when devices reply the commands.

About the speaker

Jesse Peterson (Twitter: @jessecpeterson) – – Facebook

Jesse has been working with technology for most of his life. Consulting, start-ups, large organizations, and hobbies with a dedication to using and contributing open source software in all his roles.

Most of his professional career has included supporting and managing Macs and Apple devices in one fashion or another. As a Client Platform Engineer at Facebook in Seattle he helps wrangle the large Mac fleet (and Windows, Linux, and mobile platforms, too). As an IT Consultant at MacTechs in Seattle, he’s helped organizations with Mac management and more ranging from startups and small businesses to large corporations and government. With a strong enjoyment of and advocacy for development and DevOps he has developed software and solutions to fun and interesting IT projects (and, of course, to open source them along the way!).

Jesse is a proud member of the Mac admin community and is excited and honored to return as a speaker at PSU MacAdmins.

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