OMG! Apple Is Gutting!!!!

Speakers: Adam Anklewicz

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Don’t panic, there are a lot of choices out there to replace most of the tools in Adam took a lot of time and tried them out, and here are his results.

Description: Looking to replace for your Web hosting? NetInstall? DNS? DHCP? Well, come to this session and find out the easy way to do it. Adam systematically migrated a server running to many other systems. Looking for ease of migration, time spent and feature set.

About the speaker

Adam Anklewicz (Twitter: @a_ankle) – IT Manager – The Leo Baeck Day School

Adam has been the IT Manager for The Leo Baeck Day School since 2006 (with a minor hiatus). He has been using Macs since his parents brought home a Macintosh SE in 1989 to replace their Commodore 64.

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