Apple Secure Boot deep dive: The future of the macOS platform?

Speakers: Pepijn Bruienne

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Apple’s hybrid ARM/Intel iMac Pro chimed in a new chapter for the macOS platform. We will look at what Secure Boot and the T-series security coprocessor mean for the future of the platform.

Description: Join Pepijn Bruienne as he presents results of his research into the inner workings of the new iMac Pro, all the while speculating wildly yet purposefully about what the introduction of Secure Boot, security coprocessors and a major change to the early boot process means for the future of the platform. We’ll also look at challenges this new world of Secure Boot poses for Macadmins and their existing processes.

About the speaker

Pepijn Bruienne (Twitter: @bruienne) – Security R&D Engineer – Duo Security

Pepijn Bruienne is a Security R&D Engineer at Duo Security in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He breaks Macs to help his employer’s customers be more secure. With more than a decade and a half of experience in a variety of Mac Admins areas, his skills include Systems Administration, Operations Management, Mac/Linux/Windows Server and Desktop integration, software deployment, configuration management and process automation.

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