What’s new with MunkiReport

Speakers: John Eberle

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Have you wanted to get started with MunkiReport? Upgrade to the latest version? Or create your own modules? We’ll go into detail about what has changed with the latest version of MunkiReport, from core module designs to new requirements for your MunkiReport server to how to upgrade from MunkiReport version 2 to version 3.

Description: MunkiReport version 3 builds on the already powerful version 2 of MunkiReport and brings new modules and features. With changes like new server requirements and changes, database setup, and module designs. We’ll show how easy it is to get started with MunkiReport, upgrade and maintain your MunkiReport instance, and create your own module to gather custom data about your fleet of Macs. No prior PHP or MunkiReport knowledge is required, but some basic knowledge of programming or scripting know-how will help you better understand the process to create a custom module.

About the speaker

John Eberle (Twitter: @tuxudo) – –

A native of the Pittsburgh area and graduate of Penn State. Currently a MacAdmin at the University of Pittsburgh writing modules and fixing hardware of all kinds.

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