Bringing Healthcare Out of the Clinic: MDM and HIPAA with Options!

Speakers: Jeremy Hill & James Rafel

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: How do you manage mobile device access in an environment where information security is the top priority, followed closely by patient experience? Join members of the Geisinger team that have partnered with Apple and developed a framework for managing iOS and other mobile devices as they present a case study exploring the personal, political, cultural, logistical, and yes, technical challenges associated with large-scale use of mobile technology in healthcare.

Description: Mobile Device Management is now common place in enterprise institutions. Geisinger is no different. However, there are certain unique challenges to managing a large, hybrid configuration of devices in a HIPAA-compliant setting. This session will cover the personal, political, cultural, logistical, and yes technical concepts, strategies, and lessons learned while implementing a management solution that includes over 8,000 mobile devices across 12 large campuses at Geisinger. This solution encompasses: 1) a BYOD program for physicians and most exempt employees, 2) several patient facing iOS device programs in inpatient settings, outpatient settings, and robot presence using iOS devices for long-term illness for school-age children, 3) a shared iOS device program for nurses, allied health professionals, and others, and 4) a forward looking strategy for mobile access management in the future. Join us and learn from our mistakes and triumphs along the way.

About the speakers

James Rafel (Twitter: @paskinsfan) – IT Program Director – Geisinger Health System

20+ years of geek experience. Have done everything from RS-232 networking to server admin to client management to people management. Currently managing a fantastic IT team and working on patient experience projects like an Interactive Patient System (iPads for patients) and telemedicine initiatives for Geisinger.

Jeremy Hill – Manager, Geisinger in Motion, Clinician Programs – Geisinger

Jeremy Hill is the Manager of Clinician Programs for Geisinger in Motion at Geisinger Health System in Danville, PA. Jeremy received his Bachelor and Master degrees from Penn State focusing on Human Centered Design, Software Engineering, and Health Informatics. He has a history of providing integration solutions between the EMR and many other systems. He is passionate about leveraging technology to take healthcare out of traditional settings and connect provider and patient wherever they are.

His role at Geisinger is to lead a team that is focused on using technology and innovation to better engage and coordinate patient care between doctors, advanced practitioners, nurses, EMS, and their patients. His team is responsible for mobile device and application strategy for clinicians, clinician-facing views for patient access and relationship management, connected and coordinated care technology, and connecting out-of-network providers with the in-network care teams. His previous role at Geisinger included developing middleware for platform integration. Jeremy also previously worked at Penn State as a programmer/analyst focused system integration development, including several initiatives to integrate Apple devices in the enterprise.

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