Securing & Enabling the Mac-Empowered Enterprise

Speakers: Eric Hall

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: As the demand for the Mac OS increases from end users across the enterprise, IT staffs need to prepare to deploy and protect these devices as effectively as they do their Windows machines. A common misconception is that Mac devices are not susceptible to malicious attacks; however as the ransomware industry (and the preference for Mac) continues to grow, inevitably, Macs will be targeted. IT teams globally need to be prepared to protect the vital data stored on these devices and ensure the policies and procedures are in place to recover from catastrophic events. Code42 will share how IT can protect data with complete visibility and integrated management while delivering the self-service capabilities and uninterrupted productivity that end users demand.

Description: TBA

(This session will not be recorded.)

About the speaker

Eric Hall – Customer Success Systems Engineer – Code42

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