New ways Watchman Monitoring can make your life easier.

Speakers: Jack-Daniyel Strong & Allen Hancock

Level: Advanced, Lecture

Excerpt: From support for the latest Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu/CentOS, to Beacon offline reporting, to a new pricing plan for in-house IT, see what’s new with Watchman Monitoring.

We will go over new features which help save you time and effort as you take even better care of your users.

Certified Proactive Support Professional is an initiative Watchman Monitoring started with a goal of making this abstract concept a bit more real. We’ll review the certification and its benefits.

Description: Watchman Monitoring founder Allen Hancock and long time subscriber turned employee JD Strong will share what’s new with Watchman Monitoring. From Beacon offline reporting, to a new pricing plan for in-house IT, see what’s new with Watchman Monitoring.

Newly expanded API support allows for deeper integration with ticketing and data management systems. JSS users can take a look at our updated Extension Attributes, and Munki users can leverage our download and processor recipes (we’ve got an override file ready just for you!).

We’ll dive in Beacon Reporting, which adds an extra proof of life component to traditional uptime reporting tools.

We’ll also review the Proactive Support Professional certification, designed to help you cover your bases with proactive support, and reviewing its role in conveying the value in the work you do to prevent data loss and downtime.

About the speakers

Allen Hancock (Twitter: @watchmanmonitor) – Founder – Watchman Monitoring

I started using the Mac platform in high school, then got my first paid Mac Admin job at the University of Missouri’s Biology Department, where Alan Marshall got me off on the right foot. Since then, I took my one-person consultancy up through the ranks of Apple Specialist & Training Center, and sold it in 2012.

Now, I build Watchman Monitoring, a tool that enables fellow IT Professionals to provide Proactive Support to their end users, and unify their support offering.

Jack-Daniyel Strong (Twitter: @SpokaneMac) – Documentation & Support – Watchman Monitoring

Former reseller and service provider, JD maintains a small consultancy and joined the team of Watchman Monitoring to help with documentation and support.

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