Past, present and future of Directory Services

Speakers: Yoann Gini

Level: Advanced, Lecture

Excerpt: A classic directory system relies on LDAPv3, a revision of the most common directory protocol written in 1997. 20 years later, the world has changed. We now live in a world of mobility! End-users want to work from all around the world and third party services hosted on a cloud are more and more common. Even management has changed with end-points being managed by the MDM protocol, instead of directory based settings.

Description: During this session we will explore why LDAP based directory services are at the end of life, we will take a look at the NoMAD/Enterprise Connect solutions to explore what admins are trying to achieve and we will look at modern directory services to understand what the future looks like.

Modern directory services will be illustrated by references to JumpCloud and OneLogin, and demonstrated with a brand new project that will be announced for the first time ever during this talk.

Not to worry, this talk will not be a commercial talk. Regardless of the project announcement, this talk will be highly technical (as always with Yoann) and whatever your current situation is regarding directory services, you will be inspired.

About the speaker

Yoann Gini (Twitter: @ygini) – CEO – Abelionni

Yoann is CEO of Abelionni, a consulting working anywhere on the planet, on anything related to a SMB information system, highly experimented on scenario with intellectual property to defend.

You might already have used one of his tools made for system administrators like the Admin Tool Radius, ARD Inspector or Hello IT. He works on a day to day basis with macOS Server and always try to develop advanced usage like Mac-based virtualization infrastructure.

His skills include reverse engineering of Cocoa application and security work related to macOS, macOS Server and iOS.

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