Continuous Integration: An automation framework for Mac Admins.

Speakers: Wesley Whetstone

Level: Intermediate, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: In recent years there has been an increase in automation tools for Mac administrators, such as munki, autopkg, Puppet, Chef, and Salt. In this talk we’ll discuss how you can automate these tools with continues integration to save even more time and perform more accurate tests to get the best results in your environment.

Description: A few years ago when the Mac Operations team at Square was just coming together we decided that we didn’t want to do IT like it has always been done. We wanting to take an engineering approach. Tools such as munki, autopkg, Puppet, Chef and Salt are all great tools for implementing automation into your environment. But we noticed we were still spending a lot of time monitoring the tools and the changes they made. This is when we started to look into Continuous Integration and how it could benefit us. Come join us as we discuss how new software changes get added, tested and deployed without any human admin interaction.

About the speaker

Wesley Whetstone (Twitter: @jckwhet) – Mac Operations Engineer – Square

Current lead of the Mac Operations team at Square, where we use a variety of open source and in house tools to manage our fleet of thousands of Macs..

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