Diving Off the #jobs-board

Speakers: Jason Broccardo & Robert Hammen

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: You want a new job. You’ve gotten the new job. How are you going to make it through the new job?

The jobs market for Mac admins has never been stronger. People might say they want or need a new job, but what happens when you’ve decided you’re going to make it so? What will you do when your resume has made it through the mystery box that is the recruiting process and a prospective employer has asked you to interview? What are you going to do now that they’ve actually hired you and you’ve arrived at this foreign place? We’ve been through the job process and here is what we’ve learned.

Making the Decision To Leave

  • Each one of us has our own reason for wanting to leave a job.
  • Actually making the choice, agreeing with yourself that it is time to leave, is usually the first hurdle.
  • You should draft all of your feelings, opinions and thoughts about why you want to leave into a definitive list, into a thoughtful declaration of intent.
  • Update the resume.

Getting the Job

  • Going to vary by market (What’s it like in another country’s job market?)
  • Regrettably might matter who you are (How could this be different for a woman? Someone not a white guy? Someone over 50?)
  • We can’t even begin to tell you how companies decide to look at your resume and invite you to interview, but here are few things that might help once you get the call
  • Prepare for the interview – sample questions – write out your answers!
  • The interview process can take longer than you’d hope.

The Offer

  • Compare EVERYTHING – salary, benefits, pay dates, commute time, expected hours, vacation/PTO, etc.
  • Will this mean a change in work/life balance?
  • Time for the Pro’s/Con’s worksheet.

Giving Notice

  • Just because you are going to give two weeks notice, doesn’t mean you’ll work out your next two weeks.

Welcome to the Job

  • First Day: It’s all so new. So many forms. This is the laptop they are giving me? Ideally there is lunch.
  • Hopefully you find a guide, someone who can be your sherpa through the company.
  • Some “Best Practices”.
  • First few months will be defining what your role actually is, not necessarily what it said in the job description when you were hired.

About the speakers

Robert Hammen (Twitter: @hammen) – Mac Team Lead – National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH

I’ve been managing Macs since before the days of OS X. As a consultant, I’ve performed OS X and iOS integration and support for a diverse group of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to education to small and medium businesses. I now help deploy, manage, and secure the Mac environment for the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Institutes of Health. I have all of Apple’s recent IT certifications and am also an Apple Certified Trainer. I also have Jamf’s Certified Casper Administrator, Certified JSS Administrator, and Certified Casper Expert certifications.

Jason Broccardo (Twitter: @zoocoup) – Systems Administrator – Forget Computers

Doing my best to not successfully automate my mistakes across the entire fleet.

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