It’s Incredible This Works At All

Speakers: Steve Yuroff

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Get your geek on with a technical exploration of the core technologies that enable our WiFi networks, including QAM levels, MIMO and CSMA/CA. If that sounds like alphabet soup, Don’t Panic: you’ll leave knowing what they mean, and how they team up to allow WiFi to do its magic.

Description: When you pull out the virtual magnifying glass and dig down into it, it’s downright incredible that WiFi works at all. Take a dive into the amazing engineering that our WiFi devices and networks are built upon, and learn
-how WiFi converts data into radio transmissions and back again
-the clever timing system that allows airtime to be shared across all the devices
-all about spatial streams, and how they transform a problem into an advantage
-how the latest standards can allow simultaneous transmissions to multiple stations, without making a mess of everything
and many other tech details that will leave you in awe of the giant shoulders that our WiFi stands upon.

About the speaker

Steve Yuroff (Twitter: @swy) – Network and System Administrator – Hiebing

Steve works as the lead of a 2 person IT team at a leading midwest marketing and creative agency, where they’re responsible for 90+ end user machines, servers of many platforms, the network, WiFi, remote workers, security, databases, firewalls, and everything else that might potentially be involved with keeping technology humming smoothly and serving the needs of his organization. When not taming technical issues, Steve might be found at a Scouting event with his 2 sons, learning more details about WiFi, or occasionally going for a run.

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