Managing macOS, without macOS (almost)

Speakers: Lucas Hall

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Looking at the viability of utilizing Linux, rather than macOS, to reduce dependency on macOS as much as possible in a mid-small environment.

Description: Open source tools can aide a sysadmin in every stage of an assets lifecycle, procurement management, updates to monitoring. This presentation will cover, at high level, (mostly) open source software available one can utilize to manage macOS application deployment and software updates with as little reliance on macOS itself as possible. An example of an Ubuntu based virtual environment with only 1 macOS virtual machine (via pre-recorded demo) will be given.

This talk is ideal for the first time conference attendee looking for “options” in administering their small or medium sized environment, with little enough loyalty to macOS to see some other options.

About the speaker

Lucas Hall (Twitter: @thelukanator) – Apple Systems Administrator – Saturna Capital

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