Reporting with MunkiReport

Speakers: John Eberle & Rick Heil

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: What is MunkiReport, and how does it work? Is it easy to install? Extensible? Do I really need Munki to use it? In this session we’ll cover all those questions and more as we demonstrate the power of data through Mac reporting. We’ll cover the process of installing MunkiReport and demonstrate how easy it is to use out of the box, as well as how to make your own custom modules to report back data from a client.

Description: MunkiReport is a full featured PHP application that gathers soup-to-nuts data on your Macs and helps you pull reporting insights from your fleet. John (@tuxudo) and Rick (@refreshingapathy) will show you how easy it is to install and configure the software on a server you probably already have sitting around, and demonstrate how to set up the various modules and configurations. We’ll discuss how MunkiReport can help you monitor software deployment, hardware health, even security compliance metrics. Finally, we will show you how easy it is to make a custom module of your own if you want to report data that isn’t gathered by default. No prior PHP knowledge is required, but some basic programming or scripting know-how will help you understand the custom module section better.

About the speakers

Rick Heil (Twitter: @refrshingapathy) – Senior IT Manager – Partners & Simons

Rick is the Senior IT Manager for Partners & Simons, a full-service marketing communications firm with deep domain expertise in health sciences, technology, and financial services. As one of a two-person Mac Admin team, Rick’s goal is to automate himself out of a job so he can replace his desk with a couch.

John Eberle (Twitter: @tuxudo) – – University of Pittsburgh

A native of the Pittsburgh area and graduate of Penn State. Currently a MacAdmin at the University of Pittsburgh

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