How Docker-Compose Change My Life

Speakers: Bryson Tyrrell

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: If you haven’t given Docker a look yet, or haven’t touched on using Docker-Compose, come to this session and hear about what life was like writing internal apps and services before and after I embraced the trend of containerization. Deploying my code went from a multi-page documented process for installing all the components needed for a host virtual machine to a few lines in a Bash shell.

Description: A large part of my life at Jamf involves writing custom apps and services which are primarily web-based using Python and Flask. Writing code is only a small piece of the process.

At one time, a dark time, testing meant running the application from my Mac – which in no way resembled the production environment – and deployment instructions which were spread across several pages depending upon the app and what was required. And if the app completely crashed and had to be redeployed to a new system? Do all that work over again.

While these methods worked they were also very manual and error prone. There had to be a better way, and that way became containerization. Using Docker and Docker-Compose I was able to not only simplify deploying internal apps to a few lines in a Bash shell – opposed to following numerous instructions on a per-app basis – but I was able to test my apps locally in environments that almost completely replicated production.

In this session I’ll walk though how I switched my process for developing these apps to use Docker and Docker-Compose and how containerization has changed my life for the better.

About the speaker

Bryson Tyrrell (Twitter: @bryson3gps) – Desktop Services Specialist – JAMF Software

Bryson Tyrrell is an IT professional from the Twin Cities. He works at JAMF Software and uses the Casper Suite internally to manage and support the organization’s OS X and IOS devices. In past years he has presented at the JAMF Nation User Conference (2011, 2015) and Atlassian Summit (2015) as well as presenting on various topics to the Mac admin communities Macbrained and Twin Cities Mac Admins to which he is a co-founder. You can normally find Bryson in the Mac Admins Slack group (check in channel #jamfnation).

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