Apple DEP and your MDM Server: How to manage devices over the air

Speakers: Christopher Scalise

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Many Universities and Colleges have really embraced portable tech. When they opt to purchase Apple products, there is a powerful way to manage these devices. Using Apple’s DEP and an MDM Server makes sure that IT can keep track of the devices, update software, manage profiles, and most importantly let the end users feel like they’re using their own device. This gives the end user a huge sense of ownership, and as a result the end user is more productive, and takes better care of the device.

Description: Many Universities and Colleges have started to use portable devices. Students check these devices out, Faculty use them, even Staff may need to use them. If those devices are iPads (or MacBooks/MacBook Pros/MacBook Airs) there’s an easy way to manage them with Apple’s DEP and an MDM Server. This presentation will go over enrolling the products in Apple’s DEP Program, and how they connect to VMWare’s AirWatch, the MDM Server we use at Wayne State University. Through this connection, I can create a User, manage and push out Profiles, Applications, etc. What makes this workflow really special is that the end user gets an Apple product that hasn’t been unwrapped. They get that incredible user experience from Apple, the unboxing of new hardware, and making it their own. All the while that new iPad/MacBook/MacBook Pro is being tagged and managed by the IT Department.

About the speaker

Christopher Scalise – IT Operations Specialist – Wayne State University

I started my tech career at Apple in 2005 as a Genius. I learned quite a bit at Apple, and I took that knowledge to Wayne State University. I work at the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts where I have a BFA Degree with a Concentration in Photography. I manage all of the labs that use Mac computers, as well as any staff and faculty that use Mac’s. I also manage iPads and other portables used by the College. I’m an Apple Certified Repair Technician, and I also work with Adobe Premiere Pro to do video editing for the College.

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