macOS and Smart Cards

Speakers: Richard Purves

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: 2FA is of increasing concern with modern day IT practices and security. Learn a little about smart cards, where they came from, how to use them with macOS, a little on system integration with your environment and some of the pitfalls. Followed by a Q+A session.

Description: Apple is making inroads into the enterprise. Some environments require a lot more security than others. e.g. Governments and Financial sectors. Smart Cards are a recognised secure way of providing authentication as part of a 2FA setup but on macOS, this is the road less travelled. This talk will provide some background, technical theory and the pitfalls on using smart cards and your environment. Let’s travel that road and then there will be time for Q+A afterwards.

About the speaker

Richard Purves (Twitter: @richard_purves) – – Many!

Not quite 6ft tall ape descended British Mac Admin who can’t decide which country to live in. Has worked in four IT business units in three countries since 2004. Aiming for the USA in 2017!

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