Approaching Escape Velocity with launchd

Speakers: Joseph Chilcote

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: This session will give an overview of the history of process initialization services on OS X, from inetd to launchd, ending with a demo of Outset, a launchd wrapper tool with which Mac admins can manage their environments.

Description: From inetd/xinetd to SystemStarter to launchd, OS X has gone through an evolution in process initialization services. This session will detail these changes and will cover the various options currently available with launchd. We will look at existing launchd configurations from open source projects, as well as commercial vendors, and will try out a few configurations of our own. We will consider some launchd tools that have been written by the Mac admin community to manage their fleets. Finally, we will demo Outset, a tool created to provide Mac admins an easier way to utilize launchd in their environments.

About the speakers

Joseph Chilcote – Sr Systems Engineer – Splunk (Twitter: chilcote)

Sr. Systems Engineer at Splunk.

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