Writing better AutoPkg recipes with the help of Recipe Robot

Speakers: Shea Craig Elliot Jordan

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Recipe Robot is a free, open source tool created in 2015 that helps Mac admins easily and quickly create AutoPkg recipes for simple Mac apps. In this session, two of Recipe Robot’s authors will show you how the app can help you learn to read and write recipes, audit and improve your existing recipes, and even create new recipes by leveraging existing ones.

Description: Basic use of Recipe Robot for creating AutoPkg recipes is simple and straightforward. (And we’ll show you how, of course!) But Recipe Robot can also be used for some more less obvious but equally useful endeavors.

First, we’ll demonstrate how Recipe Robot can be used as an educational tool while you’re learning to read and write AutoPkg recipes, or helping another Mac admin do the same. By comparing the output of Recipe Robot to similar existing recipes, the underlying patterns within AutoPkg recipes become clear.

We’ll also show you how Recipe Robot can help you improve your existing AutoPkg recipes, including syntax/formatting standardization, catching typos, finding easier methods for downloading apps, and the easy addition of code signature verification.

Finally, Recipe Robot can help you create new recipe formats (e.g. jss recipes) based on existing recipes (e.g. pkg recipes). It’s often very simple, and we’ll show you how.

About the speakers

Shea Craig – IT Systems Engineer – SAS (Twitter: @shea_craig)

High Cleric of Vim, Destroyer of Burritos, Scourge of Coffee Beans.

Elliot Jordan – Senior Consultant – Linde Group (Twitter: homebysix)

Elliot Jordan is a senior consultant at the Linde Group in Emeryville, California. He has been a professional Mac geek for 15 years (and an amateur Mac geek for 15 years before that). Elliot has worked on and led projects large and small for San Francisco Bay Area companies who are in the headlines as well as those yet undiscovered. Elliot is a member of the core AutoPkgr and Recipe Robot development teams, and maintains over 1000 public AutoPkg recipes. He lives with his wife Jacqueline in Oakland, California.

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