Blue Team 101: Building Defensible Systems

Speakers: Daniel Griggs

Level: Intermediate, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: Use principals of OS hardening, change detection, and continuous monitoring to detect malicious activity on your machine and build defensible OS X systems.

Description: We will cover how attackers gain access, persist, and escalate privileges on OS X machines as well as how to layer defenses on each and every endpoint to help protect against these types of attacks. I will provide basic examples of detection techniques, how to approach continuous monitoring as a security posture, and where to go from here to learn more.

About the speakers

Daniel Griggs – Founding Partner / CEO – cmdSecurity

Daniel Griggs is the CEO and founding partner at cmdSecurity, an IT firm in the DC area specializing in Apple device security and management at scale. Before starting cmdSecurity Dan worked with various government agencies including working on the STIG, the security guidance for the Department of Defense. Dan created and maintains cmdSecurity’s Apple device security and management platform as well as continues to advise on multiple security standards.

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