Penn State – College of Education – Case Study

Speakers: Joshua Miller

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: An overview of the OS X and iOS deployment in Penn State’s College of Education and the tools used to provide a seamless experience to our faculty, staff and graduate students.

Description: This presentation will cover all the tools that the College of Education uses together to provide a seamless experience for our users from purchase to decommission for OS X and iOS devices. Current tools include: Munki, JAMF’s Casper Suite, Web Help Desk, Imagr, Reposado, MunkiWebAdmin2, MunkiReport-PHP, AutoPKG and TeamViewer. These tools allow the College of Education to achieve a high level of management as well as empower our users to access the software they need. They also allow for the quickest possible turn around on a new system after it arrives, typically in 20 minutes or less. By utilizing the new DEP service, iPads are ready to hand to users before they even arrive. After the brief overview of each of the tools to cover their benefits and challenges to our College, an open discussion will be conducted to show more in depth uses of these tools and their best utilization in our environment.

About the speakers

Joshua Miller – Systems Administrator – The Pennsylvania State University (Twitter: @miller_joshua_d)

Josh, a former Windows System Administrator has fully embraced the world of Mac and the vibrant MacAdmin community. Currently, he works at Penn State for the College of Education where they have a 50/50 split of Macs and PCs. He works exclusively with OS X and iOS devices and designs the management system around these devices. Their goal is to empower their users to choose the software they need and have it “just work” on their device. In his spare time he enjoys classic and modern gaming as well as quoting famous lines from comedian John Mulaney, although both of these ventures do require prior written permission, signed in triplicate by his loving wife.

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