I Want My Windows Apps: Everyone can benefit from application virtualization

Speakers: David Kahn Christopher Palian Nicholas Sperduti

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Being a Mac Admin is hard sometimes, especially when many of your customers need Windows applications to do their job. There are many ways to achieve this, here is our story….How our IT department was able to end the age old question of which computer is better, Mac or PC, and reduce our licensing and client hardware costs. With the use of virtualization with Citrix,VMware and X11 we can provide Windows applications to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Description: How SUNY Oswego took their once rarely used campus’ XenDesktop environment and assigned its re-design and re-birth to their Mac Admin, now turned Citrix Admin. The environment has been completely rebuilt from the ground up in a short time with XenDesktop 7.6, with minimal sweat and tears… making it now the most popular and heaviest used technologies on and off campus for both students,faculty, and it’s very own IT support department. With the desire to provide apps to anyone, anywhere, on any device, this session will go over one admin’s trials and tribulations as he has one shot to turn an almost failing virtualized environment into a success.

About the speakers

David Kahn – Mac Admin // Technology Professional – SUNY Oswego (Twitter: @theRealKahn)

Lead Citrix administrator, XenDesktop 7.6. Designed and developed the deployment architecture across all Apple devices and services for the university. Lead Apple administrator for the institutionally owned Macintosh servers/clients, iPads, iPod touches, AppleTVs and all services needed by Apple equipment, including but not limited to, profile creation, App selection, ProfileManager, Device Enrollment Program, Volume Purchase Program and Apple Configurator. Assisted faculty, staff and students with the integration, workflows and use of technology. Demonstrated how the use of technology could enhance and transform education to faculty and leadership teams. Consulted with the administration for optimal configuration and purchasing of Apple products, services and solutions. Designed how personally owned devices would integrate into the campus infrastructure. Designed, maintained and supervised Advanced Technology classrooms – optimizing network, device, workflow, deployment, imaging, multifunctional and social aspects of each. Held the lead contact role for Apple’s OS Applecare Agreement.

Christopher Palian – Technical Support Professional – SUNY Oswego

BS in management information systems MS in information security CEH CISSP

Nicholas Sperduti – Help Desk Support Specialist – SUNY Oswego

5+ years at Apple Retail Store as Apple Genius. A+ and Net+ Certified.

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