So you’re going to move your data center?

Speakers: Sean Kaiser Steve Yuroff

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Who in the world tries to move an entire data center in a weekend? Two sysadmins will discuss how they each tackled moving their individual organization’s data centers, including planning, implementation, unexpected twists, and more.

Description: Change happens. Sometimes we choose it, and sometimes we’re told it’s coming. In the last year, Steve Yuroff and Sean Kaiser separately went through one of the biggest infrastructure changes that an IT professional might experience: “your data center will no longer be $here. It’s moving $there.” In this session, Steve and Sean provide two case studies of the experience of moving racks of servers, storage, switches, wired infrastructure, and everything else that IT folks are responsible for, while keeping systems running as much as possible. They’ll share the scope of their projects, how they planned for the known needs, and let you know what unexpected events caught them off guard, so your next data center migration can go off without a hitch.

About the speakers

Sean Kaiser – Systems Integration Specialist – Northmont City Schools (Twitter: seankaiser)

I am the systems and network administrator for Northmont City Schools near Dayton, OH. Over the course of 15 years, I have managed file servers, ranging from ASIP to Synology; networks, from 10 mbps 3Com hubs to Arista 10 gpbs fiber switches; wireless systems from individual AirPort base stations to a 400+ access point Aruba system. I’m also in charge of maintaining our munki system, our OpenLDAP system, and many other servers and services. Although I work for a school district, I consider myself to be an IT person first and foremost. I’m @seankaiser on twitter.

Steve Yuroff – Network and System Administrator – Hiebing (Twitter: @swy)

Steve works as the lead of a 2 person IT team at a leading midwest marketing and creative agency, where they’re responsible for 90+ end user machines, servers of many platforms, the network, WiFi, remote workers, security, databases, firewalls, and everything else that might potentially be involved with keeping technology humming smoothly and serving the needs of his organization. When not taming technical issues, Steve might be found at a Scouting event with his 2 sons, studying for the CWNA certification, or occasionally going for a run.

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