FileWave “DEEP DIVE”: Engineering walk through on how to manage all OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android Devices.

Speakers: Ben Byers LeRoy Dennison Benjamin Byers

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Sr. Systems Engineer (Ben Byers) & Training & Certification Manager (LeRoy Dennison) will take you through an “IN-DEPTH” look of how the FileWave Interface makes managing all types of devices seamless and easy for all to use including an introduction to our newest V11 release. Since 1992, FileWave has understood in most all organization, multi-platform support is highly desired and often a requirement. We allow IT and other Administrators to take full control of the technology (OS X, Windows, Android, & iOS Devices) within a single interface. When it comes a having a complete endpoint management software, FileWave makes it easy! Image, Deploy, Manage, Maintain, Inventory & Track.

Description: FileWave is the ultimate multi-platform deployment and management solution.

Unlike traditional methods, FileWave manages deployments without any end-user interruptions (causing downtime).

At FileWave, we understand that in almost all organizations, cross platform support is highly desired and often a requirement. Our software has been developed as a platform agnostic (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) management tool, to fully support your existing infrastructure. FileWave manages deployments at the file-level and features true Self-Healing, Rollback, End-User Kiosk, and a fully featured Hardware & Software Inventory with Device Discovery.

FileWave’s Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM) integration allows you to enroll and manage your iOS and Droid devices within the same interface you use to manage your OS X & Windows Clients. Distribute and manage profiles, create inventory queries, deploy apps over the air, or make them available via the iOS App Portal. FileWave continues to provide same-day support for all Apple updates ensuring our users they have what they need.

About the speakers

Ben Byers – Sr. Systems Engineer – FileWave Endpoint Mangement (Twitter: #filewave)

As a Sr. Systems Engineer at FileWave, Ben Byers has been able to effectively articulate complex ideas in a simplified way for all to understand. David has had success working with businesses where technology is really making an impact. “Most IT departments are reducing staff, while increasing their technology demands. That’s where FileWave shines. We help IT departments manage their technology while keeping the learning curve very short.” Ben has had personal experience on both sides of deploying thousands of Apple devices as an IT administrator to now assisting organizations all over the world deploy thousands more.

LeRoy Dennison – Training & Certification Manager – FileWave (Twitter: @ldennison)

Retired Coast Guard Master Chief, worked for Apple for close to 12 years (6 as a Sr. SE and 6 as the Sr. Mgr. of Technical Training), also worked as a member of the Apple Consultants Network, for Active Storage as their Technical Business Dev. Mgr., and for PCM, as the Director of their Apple and Mobility Practice before joining FileWave in January, 2015.

Benjamin Byers – Sales System Engineer – FileWave USA Inc.

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