Munki & Docker (And why you’d want to-)

Speakers: Lucas Hall

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: I know what Munki is- and everyone keeps talking about Docker but why ever should the two meet? And other MacAdmin tricks.

Description: Okay, okay, I know what Munki is- and everyone keeps talking about Docker. But Munki and Docker? Why? How? Huh? This will be a bird’s eye view of getting Munki in Docker with SSL (and the security implications there-in), and why or why not you may want to spend the time even trying, the benefits and drawbacks. Starting with a brief examination of Docker and how it functions. We will then journey into the basic building blocks of Munki, and how we can adapt that to a Docker server. Building upon that by adding on other building blocks and tie-ins such as Munki Report, Munki Admin and possibly even SAL. This session will assume you have little to no experience with Docker, and light experience administering a Munki environment. Time permissible the exploration of using such a setup across multiple sites.

About the speakers

Lucas Hall – Apple Systems Administrator – Saturna Capital (Twitter:

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