Beyond the NIC: Networking for the Mac Admin

Speakers: Phil Steen

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Moving outside the Mac, we’ll discuss general networking information to better enable you as an administrator to understand and manage your network.

Description: Many admins have honed their Mac-specific skills over the years and have become highly specialized in managing Macs and iOS devices, often skipping over networking concepts and practices. This session aims to cover what you as a Mac Admin should know about basic networking, including:
– Layer 2 vs Layer 3 networking
– Switching principles
– Firewall fundamentals
– How you can apply the above to make your job easier

About the speakers

Phil Steen – Senior Solutions Architect – Three18, Inc (Twitter: @DeRooinek)

Phil is a Senior Solutions Architect at Three18, Inc., a Los Angeles-based IT consulting firm focused on helping clients grow profitably through the smart use of technology. He started his career as a video editor and got into supporting Apple products while working as a Mac Genius, then moving on to Three18, where he has been for almost 10 years. Phil lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and daughter and enjoys working on cars, 4x4ing, and various other redneck pursuits in his time away from technology.

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