Swift and HPC

Speakers: Edward Chrzanowski

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: I have used F70, F95, C, C++, Java, MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA in HPC. I want to see if Swift can be used effectively in HPC

Description: The reason why F70, and F95 are still used in HPC is their numerical performance and math libraries. I/O sucks which is why hybrid programs are used (I/O with C and C++ and F77 for calculations) or the use of C, C++, and Java explicitly. There have been a myriad of HPC languages but all have their limitations and usage of them is not universal. Which is why high level languages are still being used. I investigate the possibility of using Swift in HPC and efficiency with MPI and OpenMP. We know Swift will replace objective-C in OSX and IOS programming but can it be used as a general programming language in HPC? Should one consider using Swift in HPC? This presentation will give a general overview of HPC and languages used and results of Swift in HPC.

About the speakers

Edward Chrzanowski – guru – CSCF, University of Waterloo

I have been institutionalized. I have resided at the same institution since attending as an undergrad. I manage to traverse the world and spread the doctrine according to Apple.

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