Modern Device Management with FileWave

Speaker: John DeTroye

Level: Foundational, Sponsor

Excerpt: Learn about the wide range of lifecycle deployment tasks and classroom management provided under the auspices of a unified systems management tool – FileWave – image, deploy, manage and maintain – all in one solution

Description: FileWave provides a unique opportunity for the budget-conscious IT staff to image, deploy, manage and maintain their suite of devices from Android to iOS, OS X and Windows, all from a single administrative front end. Using file level distribution technology, you will see how to provide applications, books, images, profiles, software updates and other content to tens of thousands of devices with precision. Manage your application and font licenses, including Apple’s VPP purchases. Perform wide scale network imaging using both NetBoot and PXEboot from a central admin tool to discrete Imaging Virtual Servers in unique IP subnets. Work with Apple’s DEP to mass enroll entire groups of devices. With the Engage classroom management tool, you will be able to monitor, manage, and interact with students in a class, and simplify the process by linking your SIS through Clever for instant sign-on capability. Learn how to use the unified administration of FileWave to lighten the workload on your IT staff, and provide a more responsive deployment workflow for your institution.

About the speaker

John DeTroye – FileWave (Twitter: @jdetroye)

John is a veteran of the technology sector. He worked for Apple as a systems engineer and as a consulting engineer from 1988 until 2013. During that time, John worked with the desktop management and server engineering teams assisting in the development of several key systems management products. He works for FileWave now as chief evangelist and business development manager. Prior to Apple, John was an artillery officer in the US Army with numerous command and staff assignments around the world. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, and lives in Colorado.

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