Administering Office 2016 for Mac

Speaker: William Smith

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Get ready to deploy and manage Office 2016 for Mac


Microsoft announced a public beta of Office 2016 for Mac (v15) in early March with plans to release the final bits in the latter half of this year. Support for Office for Mac 2011 (v14) ends January 2016 (this may be extended), leaving just a few months to plan and deploy the new software or go without support for the old software. Will you be ready to upgrade?

What do Mac admins need to know to deploy and manage Office 15? How will it differ from version 14?

We’ll cover:

  • How to programmatically remove Office for Mac 2011
  • What’s new about installing Office 15
  • Office 15’s new application architecture
  • Outlook 15’s new architecture
  • How preferences have changed and…
  • How to manage these preferences
  • Deploying application templates and add-ins
  • Changes with scriptability and automation

Prepare… for winter is coming.

About the speaker

William Smith, 318, Inc. (Twitter: @meck)

William is a Solutions Architect for 318, Inc., an IT consultancy based in Santa Monica, CA. He is a nearly 20-year technology veteran living in Saint Paul, MN, where he has provided training and consulting services on behalf of customers such as Apple and JAMF Software.

He enjoys writing and presenting on technology topics and has spoken at JAMF Nation User Conference, MacIT, PSU MacAdmins and other conferences. He is an 11-year Microsoft MVP, co-owner of and currently part of the steering committee for the new Twin Cities Mac Admins professionals group, a community supporting all things Apple from education to enterprise.

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