iOS – Reconnect the cord

Speaker: William Smith

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Get wired: Learn what more you can do when you connect your iOS device to your Mac.


From the Department of Wireless Ain’t Everything Department…

That USB cable has more uses than charging your iPad and syncing to iTunes. (Does anyone really sync with iTunes using a cable anymore?)

First, where Wi-Fi fails Ethernet prevails. We’ll show how to send an APNs command, such as removing a passcode, over a wired network connection when Wi-Fi is turned off. We’ll then plug in an iPad to a Mac and briefly cover Apple’s new feature for viewing iOS screens on Yosemite. That will let us display what’s happening on the device’s screen side-by-side with the rest of the interesting stuff happening underneath.

Xcode gives us some ability to collect iOS device logs and view a limited console session. But we’ll spend the majority of the time learning how to install and use libimobiledevice, an open source and cross-platform project for communicating with iPads, iPhones and iPods natively without jailbreaking.

Using command line tools, we’ll observe how Mac admins responsible for iOS devices can:

  • Gather detailed device information
  • Watch the console in real time for troubleshooting
  • Shut down, restart or sleep the device
  • Install and remove apps
  • Clear all user photos
  • Create a backup

Finally, we’ll combine some of these tools into scripts for automation, doing some things we can’t do wirelessly.

About the speaker

William Smith – 318, Inc. (Twitter: @meck)

William is a Solutions Architect for 318, Inc., an IT consultancy based in Santa Monica, CA. He is a nearly 20-year technology veteran living in Saint Paul, MN, where he has provided training and consulting services on behalf of customers such as Apple and JAMF Software.

He enjoys writing and presenting on technology topics and has spoken at JAMF Nation User Conference, MacIT, PSU MacAdmins and other conferences. He is an 11-year Microsoft MVP, co-owner of and currently part of the steering committee for the new Twin Cities Mac Admins professionals group, a community supporting all things Apple from education to enterprise.

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