San Best Practices

Speaker: Mario Washington

Level: Advanced, Lecture

Excerpt: Walk through and workflow of Xsan,Quantum, Promise and general San best practices.

Description: A questions and answers session going over best practices of San configurations. Giving current and future admins the best practices of san configurations for video workflows. What works, how to properly configure a san, what issues to look for and how to remediate common issues. Which sans solution configurations and product give you the best setup for your video workflow. Being service providers for all major San manufacturers, gives us a direct and unobjective opinion. This is not a sales session, it is a engineering session that will give the administrators and IT staff an opportunity with someone that has installed/diagramed and engaged in over 800 san installs and created the best practices for all of Apple Xsan engagements.

About the speaker

Mario Washington – Apple Service Provider

CEO and Lead Engineer at Reboot Computer Services. Apple Service Provider for 12 years.

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