Using Google’s Open Source Tools to Manage Macs

Speakers: Edward Marczak, Russell Hancox

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Learn about open source tools offered by Google’s Mac Operations team and how to use them for your Macs.

Description: Disruption! Synergy! Buzzwords! The small team of Mac Admins at Google manage the largest fleet of Macs in the world. To do this, we rely on existing open source releases, but we also make and release our own tools as open source. This session will cover tools that will allow you to better manage the Macs that you’re responsible for. Join us to talk about tools for management, development, and security. This session is entirely gluten free.

About the speakers

Edward Marczak – (Twitter: @marczak)

Ed Marczak is known to rock the casbah on a pirate satellite.

Russell Hancox – Google Inc. (Twitter: russellhancox)

Macadmin at Google, grumpy British ex-pat.

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