Working with System Frameworks in Python and Objective-C

Speaker: James Barclay

Level: Advanced, BYOD Lab

Excerpt: Learn how to take advantage of OS X system frameworks that are useful to system administrators.

Description: This lab will demonstrate how to work with OS X system frameworks, classes, and APIs that are useful to system administrators. Examples will be written in Python, Objective-C, or C. Some of the technologies covered in this session include:

  • CoreFoundation
  • CFPreferences
  • NSApplication
  • NSFIleManager
  • NSTask
  • NSURLSession
  • NSUserDefaults
  • Quartz

Since this is a BYOD lab, please ensure you have Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools installed if you plan on following along.

About the speaker

James Barclay – Pinterest (Twitter: @futureimperfect)

James Barclay is a Tools Engineer at Pinterest. His interests include Python, Vim, Objective-C/Cocoa, human interface design, art, science, and math. He writes software that saves people time and is a core member of the AutoPkgr development team.

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