Take Vacations using this One Weird Trick – DOCUMENTATION!

Speakers: Vanessa White, Rich Trouton

Level: Foundational, BYOD Lab

Excerpt: Learn the ancient and secret art of documentation in a hands-on session!

Description: Documentation is many things: surrogate memory, teaching tool, an emergency tool, and vacation-saver. One thing it is not is spontaneously generated; somebody needs to write it!

Learn the ancient and secret art of documentation in a hands-on session — we’ll take you through documentation best practices for a variety of audiences and help you practice hands on documentation writing and recording.

Along the way, we’re going to share tool and techniques for attendees to use to create documentation that answers others’ questions without their interrupting your train of thought or your vacation.

This session is 2 parts

About the speakers

Vanessa White – (Twitter: @macgirl84)

Vanessa White is a lifelong Mac geek who has done everything from end user support to client systems and server administration. She has worked in higher ed, small business, enterprise, and general public facing settings, supporting users and customers from all walks of life.

She enjoys spreading her enthusiasm for learning and humane tech support by speaking at conferences, writing in the third person present tense, and being highly theatrical at conferences (examples: the QuickTakeQuest of PSU MacAdmins 2014, and ending her MacTech 2014 talk on Science Fiction by brandishing a Bat’leth Klingon sword).

Rich Trouton

Rich Trouton has been doing Macintosh system and server administration for over eighteen years and has supported Macs in a number of different environments, including university, government, medical research and advertising. His current position is providing support for Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia.

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