Integrating AutoPkg and the Casper Suite with JSSImporter

Speaker: Shea Craig

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Learn how to design a software testing workflow for the Casper Suite and implement it with AutoPkg and JSSImporter.

Description: AutoPkg has been a great boon to admins, and many organizations take advantage of the builtin support for Munki to automatically make updates available to their fleet.

The JSSImporter allows Casper admins the ability to upload AutoPkg-generated packages and automate their deployment in much the same way as Munki. JSSImporter uses the JSS REST API to ensure all of the many working parts of a package deployment policy are created and up-to-date, allowing you to somewhat mimic the testing/production best-practices established by Munki.

This session will cover the basics of installing and configuring the JSSImporter processor, and making use of pre-made JSS recipes. Further, adapting your existing package recipes into JSS recipes, as well as customizing your deployment workflow to handle different organizational needs will be covered.

A basic knowledge of AutoPkg and Casper would make this session much more enjoyable!

About the speaker

Shea Craig – Durham Academy (Twitter: @shea_craig)

Shea Craig’s first hard drive was 40 megabytes. Not bad. Since then he has worked for a variety of private K-12 schools and colleges, was the progenitor of much foolishness, and wrote some python code. Shea currently works for Durham Academy in Durham, NC, and is actively developing the python-jss and JSSImporter (for AutoPkg).

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