AD integration and Home Folder Syncing

Speaker: David Acland

Level: Advanced, Lecture

Excerpt: A look at the techniques for integrating with AD, connecting to user home drives and synchronising their data

Description: In this session Amsys will share the techniques we use to integrate Macs with Active Directory, up to the latest OS releases. This will include some of the typical recommended settings, plus some more “under the hood” options that help to improve the reliability and stability of the login process. We will include techniques for troubleshooting AD connections, delving into Kerberos authentication and some key things to watch out for.

We will also share our methods for mounting user homes, both SMBHome and custom paths, with AppleScript and bash, and finally show how to synchronise user data reliably so they can both switch machines, and recover work if hard drives fail.

About the speaker

David Acland Amsys (Twitter: @davidacland)

I have been working with Apple technologies for the last 14 years. After spending most of my early years providing hardware and software support, I became and Apple Certified Trainer, delivering Apple technical training up to ACSA level, including Support & Server Essentials, Directory services integration, Deployment & Xsan. In recent years I’ve been delivering technical projects for education and corporate customers, growing a team of technical consultants and engineers and designing solutions that help to show how well Macs can work in enterprise environments.

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