Profile Manager, ARD, and Yosemite Server: The complete recipe for managing iOS and OS X.

Speakers: David Kahn, Christopher Palian

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Mac OS and iOS management: Taking a good look at how to use the power of Profile Manager, DEP, VPP, ARD, and Configurator to simplify your job.

Description: Over the past few years SUNY Oswego has seen a growth in it’s Apple environment in both iOS and Mac OS. Faculty and their students are seeing the benefits of iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs in an academic environment. As the demand for these devices has grown, so has our need to find stable and dependable solutions to quickly and consistently deploy and manage them.

This lecture will go over our setup, workflow, and realtime working examples of how we are using these “free” tools included with Apple’s Operating System and OS Server including: Profile Manager, Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program as well as setting up profiles and using Apple Remote Desktop to deploy software, run reports, and simplify your job as a Mac admin.

About the speakers

David Kahn – State University of New York at Oswego (Twitter: @kahnibus)


Christopher Palian – SUNY Oswego

BS in Management Information Systems. MS in Information Security, Technical Support Professional at SUNY Oswego, NY.

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