To ExtremeZ-IP or not to ExtremeZ-IP, that is the question

Speaker: Mike Flender

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Looking at the Pros and Cons of ExtremeZ-IP and how to live without it.

Description: ExtremeZ-IP is a great product that has been around for years and has helped many (including myself) provide Mac parity in a Windows AD environment. With Apple’s announcement at WWDC 2013 of making SMB2 the default protocol for file services for Mac OS X Client and other client side advances do you still need ExtremeZ-IP? If you have a budget crunch is this something you can cut and still provide an acceptable level of service? How does one go about removing ExtremeZ-IP from an environment and what are the repercussions/consideration of doing so? I will attempt to answer this from the knowledge I gained removing it from my environment and my observations and caveats I ran into.

About the speaker

Mike Flender – Coe College (Twitter: @mflender)

The first Mac I purchased was a Power Computing Power Tower Pro 200e. Little did I realize how that would change my life. Within two years I had become an Apple Certified Technician and Service Manager at a local Apple VAR. Within 2 years of that I was hired by a liberal arts college to do all Mac and student network support. My job duties have evolved over the past 13 years to include Linux, Mac, and Windows server administration, storage admin, backups, DR, network troubleshooting, etc. My most recent project as of writing this has been the migration of 20 TB of production data used by dozens of VM’s and a Windows cluster from a HP EVA 4400 to a HP 3Par 7200 and setup replication to a 2nd HP 3Par 7200 at our DR site.

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