How to take a need and transform it into a service

Speaker: Gretchen Kuwahara

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: When Apple announced the Apple Deployment Programs, IT units around Penn State were asking to use this program. Learn what we did to take this need and transform it into a university wide service.

Description: In spring of 2014, Apple announced the Apple Deployment Programs, which consists of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Soon after, Penn State IT units wanted to use this program but due to the program’s design someone had to mange this service for the whole university. Follow along as I talk about our journey and learn how we took this need and created a service.

Topics will include:
– Service Planning and documentation
– Developing a support structure
– Communication
– Setting and managing expectations, including your own
– Navigating challenges like Risk Management and Financial Services
– Creating awareness and simple marketing
– Feedback and Service Improvement

About the speaker

Gretchen Kuwahara – Penn State University (Twitter: @osuterrycat)

Gretchen has over 15 years experience deploying and maintaining almost anything Apple in a higher education environment. As a Systems Administrator at Penn State, she is working on various projects including mobile device management and managing Penn State’s Apple Deployment Programs. Additionally she maintains several Linux and Mac servers that provide critical services to the university. Previously, she worked at Oregon State University where she deployed and maintained over a thousand Mac based computers, managed iPad classroom carts, and was a sysadmin for Mac and Linux servers.

When she’s not playing with technology she enjoys traveling, family time, cheering on her alma mater’s basketball teams, and exploring her new home state.

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