DeployStudio: Average Joe to Pro in an Hour

Speakers: Rusty Myers, Nathan Felton

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Learn how to configure DeployStudio for a myriad of purposes.

Description: This session will demonstrate how to configure DeployStudio Server on a fresh OS X install. We will discuss the available processes built into DeployStudio, what problems DeployStudio helps to solve and learn some fun workarounds to problems with workflows. We will also talk about how to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned. Be sure to bring your workflows & questions!

About the speakers

Rusty Myers – (Twitter: @thespider)

Rusty is an Apple systems administrator in the Classroom and Lab Computing group at Penn State. He has been involved in systems management at Penn State since 2004. Rusty is responsible for managing the deployment and maintenance of Apple systems for the public labs at Penn State.

He enjoys all aspects of Mac systems life cycle management, particularly automating processes, and is also interested in implementing ITIL best practices. He is currently working with IBM Endpoint Manager and other tools to maintain lab machines. Rusty also has worked extensively with package creation tools and DeployStudio to automate deployment of new systems.

Other presentations include DeployStudio Discussion Panel and “Up and Running in 60 Minutes” for MacAdmins at Penn State 2012, Shell Scripting with Bash for MacAdmins at Penn State 2013, More Shell Scripting than Necessary for MacAdmins at Penn State 2014, IT851: DeployStudio for MacWorld 2011, Packaging, Imaging, and Deployment sessions for Penn State MacAdmins Conference 2010, In addition, he has presented on IBM Endpoint Manger review and an introduction to TSM Backup Check for the Penn State MacAdmins meetings.

Nathan Felton – (Twitter: @n8felton)

Dual Platform PC Systems Administrator at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

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