From Xsan to StorNext – Managing Production Needs for Mac Users in Television and Post-Production File-Based Workflows

You may know that Apple ships a world-class shared file system in its operating system called Xsan. What you may not know is that Xsan, and the 100% compatible StorNext file system power most of the world’s creative, television and post-production workflows. In this session we’ll catch you up on why you might needs to deploy Xsan/StorNext for your users, example deployments, and best practices for managing and maintaining these environments, and more.

Intermediate Lecture – 75 Minutes

Michael Johnson, Professional Services Engineer

Michael Johnson - QuantumMichael Johnson is an engineer on the Quantum Professional Services team whose primary focus is with media and entertainment customers due to his background in film and broadcast.  Michael’s credits include six films, and over 500 episodes of prime time network television as an audio engineer.  After moving into the IT world, Michael dove deep into UNIX-based operating systems, eventually working for Apple designing and building Xsan systems for government clients.  Michael’s talents caught the eye of Alex Grossman, the founder of Active Storage, where Michael was the driving force in the company’s field and professional services.  In 2013, Michael joined Quantum along with the rest of his team from Active, where he has been a powerhouse in helping Xsan-centric environments move to StorNext.

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