Systems Deployment with Blast Image Config

Come and learn about Blast Image Config (BIC), a freeware OS X system image deployment tool developed at Penn State since 2003.

Blast Image Config is a complete software solution to quickly restore and configure a Mac back to a known state, including the base system image, firmware security and network settings. It has workflows that can be configured to fully automate the restoration and configuration process. It’s also extensible through pre- and post-restore scripts.

BIC is well-known and respected as one of the fastest and easiest to use OS X system image deployment tools in the Mac IT community.

Key Concepts:

Attendees will learn how quickly they can leverage and customize BIC to deploy system images to the Macs that they manage.

Learn everything from the basics of using BIC with external volumes to the most advanced methods of adding BIC to a NetBoot environment to restore images from a securely auto-mounted network file server along with fully automated workflows.

For the seasoned BIC users this session will offer updates and discussion on the new features and tools recently added to the BIC suite.

Intermediate Lecture – 75 Minutes


Justin Elliott, Penn State University

Justin ElliottJustin is one of the founding members of He has enjoyed working on Macs and UNIX for over 20 years, and as a Mac/UNIX systems admin since 1995. He finished his master’s degree in computer science in 1999 because he loved the torture.

At Penn State, he is the IT manager of the Mac and Linux teams for the Classroom and Lab Computing department in ITS at Penn State University.

He is also a software developer and recovering systems admin. He created and continues to develop “Blast Image Config,”” a freeware OS X system image restore utility which is used to build and configure all of the 700+ student computing lab Macs at Penn State University.

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