Hey! Where’s My Mac?!?

Every year IT departments refresh large portions of their fleet to keep hardware configurations current.  Depending on the customer, this process could tie up the IT department with multiple man hours, and cause the customer to experience unexpected downtime to receive the new system.

Come hear about how you can provision a system for a client quickly and efficiently using deployment utilities, and Self Service options, drastically cutting the time the customers have to wait for new systems.

 Key Concepts:

  •  Mac OS X Deployment
  • Thin Imaging
  • JAMF Casper Suite
  • Data migration
  • Patching systems with Munki, and Casper
  • System lifecycle management
  • APPLE VPP and DEP Programs

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes


Adam Girardi, The Ohio State University

Adam GirardiAdam Girardi is a Systems Manager at The Ohio State University within the Advancement IT department.  He enjoys keeping up with all things Apple, and finding new ways to better incorporate Apple devices into the enterprise world.  Adam is currently the leader of the OSU MacIT group, a monthly forum for campus IT leadership.  He has a loving wife, and three great kids that he enjoys spending time with while he is not managing systems at OSU.  In his spare time, Adam is usually found talking about sports at the end of the bar, while being a beer geek.

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