The One Button Studio App and Sandboxing

 This session will focus on developing apps for the Mac App Store and their new sandboxing policy. We will discuss using avfoundations, communicating with other applications using exceptions, writing to USB devices, and working with hardware. We will then discuss the technology used in the One Button Studio, the cost, and how the everything works together.

Key Concepts:

  • How to work within Apple sandboxing
  • Preparing an app for the Mac App Store
  • How the One Button Studio works
  • Key concepts on programming with video and media hardware
  • Designing a user experience rather than a user interfaces

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Justin Miller, Penn State

Justin MillerProject Manager with Advanced Learning project, involved in the creation of the One Button Studio.




Sherwyn Saul, Penn State

Sherwyn SaulSherwyn Saul is a detail-oriented and accomplished senior programmer with over 10 years of professional experience in the areas of analysis, web application development, desktop development, and client-server development. His proven ability to resolve issues, design effective solutions and successfully migrate application enhancements have been utilized by many companies in various environments.  From startups and midsize businesses to enterprise companies as well as nonprofit, government and educational organizations; Sherwyn has a vast and diverse career history.



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