SNMP monitoring – the sequel

In last year’s session, we covered what SNMP is, what it does, and how to activate, configure and extend it on the Mac.

This year we will dive into a few deployment scenarios.  From remote script execution (from the server), to extending the agent on the Macs, and also to setting rogue monitoring where it runs standalone on machines and calls home with issues.  The rogue scenario is effective with roaming laptops and we will cover different methods to get the alerts in our system, i.e. remote server access or email encoding.

We will also display a well garnished extended SNMP tree on a test Mac to give a good example of all the metrics we can expose to the tech team to facilitate and accelerate troubleshooting with pre-emptive alerts.  We will show how to register a IANA PEN number for custom development of SNMP extensions.

Institutions spend so much time preparing images or installation tools, with a little more work, all these deployed machines would return invaluable data to track their health and cut down support costs.

 Key Concepts:

  • See SNMP monitoring setup as a natural part of their image building/deployment phase
  • Give pertinent info so the attendee can draft a viable monitoring solution for their infrastructure
  • Turn support cost savings into clear ROI arguments for such implementations
  • Show a good sampling of the pertinent metrics we can gather through SNMP extension

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Manuel Deschambault

Manuel DeschambaultHave been a Mac guy since OS 7.1, worked as a tech in a school board for 8 years and in the private sector before and after.  I have developed a specialty for remote support and SNMP monitoring, and have applied those to the Mac and A/V markets, where it is almost non-existent.

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