Multi Tenanted Munki with Puppet and Sal

Managing multiple Munki installations can be time consuming. With multiple sites, downloading huge software packages over the Internet is slow. Surely there must be a way to have the administrative benefits of running a single instance of Munki whilst getting the speed of downloading the software from a local server?

This session will look at how I tackled this problem by automating the configuration of the remote cache repositories, dynamically configure the clients based on their location and how we empowered our clients by giving them detailed information on their Mac estate with Sal (the Munki Puppet).

 Key Concepts:

  •  Configuring Linux web servers with basic Puppet
  • Advanced Munki usage, with pre and post flight scripts written in Python
  • How empowering users to make their own decisions has benefited our deployments

Advanced Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Graham Gilbert,

Graham GilbertGraham is the Lead Engineer at in London, and is the creator of Crypt, a FileVault 2 escrow solution, and Sal, a reporting solution for Munki. He has a slight obsession with automating all of the things. He’s on Twitter at @grahamgilbert

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