Advancing from the Help Desk to Admin

As Apple continues to push into the business world, good knowledgable system admins are in higher and higher demand. But as demand exponentially grows, the pool of talent isn’t keeping pace. I believe this isn’t for lack of desire, but lack of guidance. Even the most knowledgeable of Mac help deskers or even Windows sys admins may find themselves lost when trying to get to that next tier of Mac Systems Admin status.

Should they start by learning “Terminal”, get a dozen certifications, or join the Apple developers program and proceed to bash their head through a wall trying to learn Objective-C?

This session aims to provide a guiding star for these next steps. What is and isn’t worth focusing your learning energy? Where are the best learning resources? Is it necessary to learn everything in command line, or is the GUI ok?

 Key Concepts:

  • Learning Strategies
  • Resources for Mac Admin Knowledge
  • Areas to focus on to make a well-rounded Admin

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

Brendan Lutz, Ground to Cloud Solutions, Inc.

Brendan LutzI’ve been involved with Apple professional services for over 10 years now with experience in various business sizes as well as education. In 2013 I left the constraining walls of an office to found my own Apple consulting business. As a managed service provider, we focus on brining business into the future of cloud computing and management. We specialize in custom deployments of Casper and other enterprise class tools.

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