UNC Wide Casper Suite Service

The 17 school UNC system is one of the first in the country to deploy a system wide JSS Cloud System utilizing new features in Casper 9 including  JAMF Distribution Servers and JSS Sites. Working closely with JAMF Engineers and JSS Admins across the UNC System, we are “writing the manual” for using this new technology.

We will share with you what we learned to do and maybe more importantly the “gotchas” and what we learned not to do when building a enterprise cloud distribution of the Casper server with multiple sites and multiple admins. We will walk through everything from navigating legal to get the deal in place, working with unique networking and security needs from each school to get them connected and working with multiple specialized admin needs of each University and Department.

The UNC Wide Casper Suite Service is a deployment of the UNC System Agreement – JAMF Software’s Casper Suite license that uses a shared JSS server hosted by JAMF Software at nc.jamfcloud.com to provide secure, federated, enterprise management of Apple devices across 17 participating UNC System Institutions.  The service makes use of a network of JAMF Distribution Servers (JDS) which are automatically and securely synced across the various participating servers at the individual universities.

Key Concepts:

  •  Casper Cloud Distribution Network setup and administration
  • JSS in the cloud
  • JAMF Distribution Server (JDS) setups
  • JSS Site based administration setups

Advanced Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Kevin Snook, Appalachian State University

Kevin SnookKevin has been an Apple Systems Administrator for over 20 year and has worked for The Charlotte Observer, Accuweather, Inc., and UNC Charlotte.

He currently is the Apple Systems Administrator and provides lead support for the Apple computers, mobile devices, software, servers, directories and Casper management system utilized by Appalachian State University.

Kevin is the co-lead administrator for the UNC System Wide Casper Server and supports over 2800 Apple devices in the AppState Casper Site.

Kevin is a Certified Casper Administrator (CCA) and has collected many Apple Certifications over the years (ASP, APP, ACDT, ACSA)

 Everette Allen, NC State University

Everette AllenEverette is the Macintosh Support Specialist in the Office of Information Technology at North Carolina State University.

He has been supporting Apple Systems for over 20 years at NC State and is the go to Apple Tech for the entire UNC System.

Everette is the co-lead administrator for the UNC System Wide Casper Server and supports over 3500 Apple devices in the NC State Casper Site.

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