Surviving as a Solo Sysadmin

Greetings, Sysadmin. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.

No. Wait. That’s a different script.

The life of the solo sysadmin is a difficult one. You probably support dozens to hundreds of users. How do you keep your installs clean? Your workstations up to date? Your self out of the loony bin?

This sessions is designed to be part technical, covering the world of lifecycle management in a sane way, and it’s also designed to be part humanities, covering good user management (not the server side, the human side), good time management, and a method to keeping the madness at bay.

 Key Concepts:

lifecycle management, deployment techniques, sanity management, user management and control, damage control & triage, tools for managing the insanity, surviving remote working

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Tom Bridge, Technolutionary LLC

Tom BridgeTom Bridge is a Partner at Technolutionary LLC, where he helps small- and medium-sized businesses manage their Macs. He supports concerts halls and law firms, non-profits and for-profits, one-person outfits and seventy-person growing businesses, with a strong focus on user self-sufficiency, a minimum of intervention, and a deep-seated belief that every user can be taught. Before Technolutionary, Tom was part of a three-person team that managed 200 Macs in 8 offices across 5 timezones. Tom has a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance and Political Science from Denison University (Ohio) and a Master’s in History of Technology from Virginia Tech.

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