Migrating from the PC to a Mac: it’s not as scary as you or the users think

Overview of what files/directories to move, which to ignore, which you need but possibly didn’t know you needed, vice versa, and some of the ways to move things (by hand, scripted, Wizards).

Demonstration of moving data from a PC into a user account on a Mac, ways to automate same, using guides, scripts and hands on.

Things that PC users, on switching to the Mac, expected, or didn’t expect would happen.

Ways to communicate that their PC oriented thinking will accept.

 Key Concepts:

If a user wants to move from a PC to a Mac, what to move, how to anticipate what they might need.

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Adam Gerstein, Southern Connecticut State University

Adam GersteinI’ve been working with Mac’s since ’90, and Apples before that since 1980. I’ve worked for VAR’s and corporations before settling into the higher education field. I’ve now been at SCSU for 8 years, and watched as the Mac got more PC like in ease of management and the PC got more Mac like in terms of ease of use.

I’ve grown up using Apple’s and Macs, and used to hate PC’s for being hard to use. I still dislike them, but I see the merit in their use. Sometimes.

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